The Magic of the Forest: A Tale of Kindness, Friendship and Courage

A little boy with a kind heart listened to the words of his wise grandmother. She taught him that if he trusted and listened to the forest, it would bring forth great surprises. When he meets a beautiful little bird he knows the forest has sent him a secret friend. But the little bird is clearly scared and lost. Can the little boy and the animals of the forest help him find his way home? Or, just maybe, they can help him find the courage to keep searching.   Readers will be awed by the nature highlighted in Jacqueline Crivello’s lovely story and be inspired to dream wild in the great outdoors.

Ages: 3-8 (all ages will enjoy the stunning photographs and heart-warming story)

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Shipped from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

"This book is so beautiful, it takes your breath away! Jacqueline Crivello is an internationally published nature photographer, but living in Evergreen, Colorado, it is her local nature that she loves to capture on film. This unusual children's book is filled with wildlife photography and is designed to tell an extraordinary tale.

A story of a little boy, his wise grandmother, and a secret forest friend. Winter scenes of deer, moose, a chipmunk, mountain lion, fox, bear, birds, elk and a very special little friend fill these pages with enchantment and awe. Don't miss it!" 

--- Light of Consciousness Magazine

Customer Reviews - 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon

Awesome book!!!!

This book is amazing! It should be in every child’s collection!! The photographs are stunning and so lifelike you want to reach out and touch them!!! The story is well written and entertaining! Will definitely be awaiting the author’s next book!!

Michelle Mueller

A magical story for the ages..

This is a beautiful book inside and out. The story is one of hope, courage and friendship that resonates with young and old. The photography is stunning. I have sent it to many friends - young and old. The strength of the photographs make it appropriate for any age child. Sometimes we all need a reminder of these themes in a beautifully done, simple way, that goes straight to the heart.

Emma in Pennsylvania

Powerful story!

"It's truly lovely. The story is so powerful and more relevant than ever. But it's the mountain lion I just melt over. "

Emma Channing

Instant Classic!

I bought this book for my nephew as a gift because he loves mountain lions, and I loved it so much I ended up getting another one to keep on my coffee table! The photographs are gorgeous, and the story is beautiful and inspiring. Makes a great gift for kids but also perfect to keep out to enjoy the pictures :)

Christine Ackerman

I'm Feeling the Magic!

“I felt as if I were a child when I read your words to my Grandson, and cried like a baby reading the book! Thank you so much for making my day. I’m feeling the Magic.” 

Heidi Livingston-Scott

You'll Read It Over and Over...

We absolutely love this book! The photos are gorgeous, and the story is so sweet. My young daughter keeps asking to read it over and over!

Lori S

Beautiful Wildlife Photos!

This is a beautiful book! Gorgeous photos woven into a simple story, great for all ages! Chubby Chukar is charming!!!


Great Choice for all occassions!

Jackie is a superb photographer, and every photo in this book was taken by her, and some of these animals were right there in her yard up on "her mountain" in Colorado...The pages in this book are glossy grade A paper, nice hardback book, with a book cover that is a duplicate of the book itself. I bought 3 of these books for my grand niece, one for myself and one which I donated to the kids room at our local county library.


Great Kids Book!

I orderred 1 copy for my son and when the book arrived I was amazed. The story is fun for an adult to read to a child who will get an entertaining story with a lesson hidden in there. What really was the crown is the photography on every page. The photos stand out and show so much about the characters you almost believe they are there with you. I decided to order more copies so I could gift a couple neighbor kids and donate more to an outdoors club fundraiser for cancer research.

  • Chubby Chukar

  • Fireball the Fox

  • Laythe the Mountain Lion

  • Ernie the Elk

Chubby Chukar

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Fireball the Fox

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Laythe the Mountain Lion

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Ernie the Elk

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